Start-up Ideas 2019

You can succeed or fail. It doesn’t matter. The journey through the innovation process itself is a thrill. We offer the best mentors, the people who DO, rather than teach. We support your project through our network of partners and there’s RON 60.000 worth of prizes for the very best of you, plus exposure in prestigious events throughout the world.

This is the ultimate challenge - the Business Competition. All lights are on you and your team. You’ll go head to head with other student entrepreneurs and innovators for the grand prize package - cash, lots of exposure at tech & innovation events, a full team of mentors and the University’s support to turn your start-up idea into reality. 


1st Prize

Mission Admission

Mission Admission (MSS-Ad) is a project designed by a team of medical students with one goal in mind, to help pupils aspiring towards a career in healthcare reach their goals. Our team is working on developing an e-learning platform, with all the necessary information structured in an interactive and intuitive manner.


We experienced first hand how online courses and self-education have shaped our generation and therefore want to bring an alternative to the traditional way of studying.

3rd Prize


Xcite is an ambitious project created by an interdisciplinary team of medical and technical students, with the purpose of introducing the concept of neurostimulation to the masses. Xcite is a device with cognitive-enhancing effects, based on neurostimulation technology already recognised by the scientific community. 

We envisioned this device in the form of a multipurpose customised cognitive tool. This means you can pick, track and control (via a mobile app) the process of stimulating different cognitive skills

We hope to be able to bring this idea to the people, for it can act as a catalyst to an improved behavioural change of lifestyle.

2nd Prize

ID Medic

They say knowledge is power, and there is no situation where that is more apparent than in medical emergencies, where the paramedics have little to go on when having to treat the patient. ID Medic aims to do exactly that: to provide the emergency medical teams with accurate and up to date information about the background of the patient and his preexisting pathologies.


By incorporating said information into the diagnostic and therapeutic process of the paramedics, we thus hope to improve the quality and reduce the delay of the treatment, which in turn could save a life.

Proiect finantat prin: Proiectul Instituțional „Dezvoltarea programelor suport pentru initiativele antreprenoriale studentesti in cadrul Universitatii de Medicine si Farmacie „Iuliu Hateganu” ”, cu contractul de finanțare nr. FDI:CNFIS-FDI-2019-066 director de proiect Rector Prof. Univ. Dr. Alexandru Irimie

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