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At ASAIH we shine the light on innovation. We empower our students by providing them with an environment suitable for growth and all the know-how necessary to make the most of it.

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*Finantat prin "Cresterea performantelor cercetarii stiintifice si a transferului tehnologic in medicina translationala prin formarea unei noi generatii de tineri cercetatori" (CF nr. 29PFE/18.10.2018) din "Planul national de cercetare-dezvoltare si inovare PNCDI III, Programul 1 - Dezvoltarea sistemului national de cercetare-dezvoltare, subprogramul 1.2 - Performanta institutuionala"


**Dezvoltarea competentelor antreprenoriale în randul studentilor din UMF Cluj-Napoca prin dezvoltarea de module educationale experientiale", CNFIS-FDI-2020-0436