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est. 2017


ASAIH - Asociatia Studenteasca de Antreprenoriat “Iuliu Hatieganu” is the official Students Entrepreneurship Society (SAS) of the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It was funded in May 2017 by a group of students passionate about innovation, digital health, patient care and entrepreneurship. 


The aim of ASAIH is to develop innovation oriented mindsets among healthcare professionals through educational projects, start-ups competition, trainings and workshops.


Our target group is represented by Students. We define students as both bachelor, master, doctoral students, including medical residents and young professionals in the first three years of practice.

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Our activity started in 2016 with the the Innovation Ideas Competition, previously known as “Idei de Inventii” which is our trademark event as an open idea contest for medical students which tested their creativity and sparkling of the mind. Promising initial results motivated us to continue and to seek funding to further develop our program. With great support from the UMF Cluj administration the competition continued to grow over years and it evolved into an complex competition which combines workshops, trainings, personalised mentorship before over a period of months and seed money to create the first proof of concept.

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To succeed in the tough world of health entrepreneurship, the status quo must first be broken. Students - empowered to think outside the box, interact, form cross-disciplinary teams and taught a basic package of knowledge to build on during the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.  With this vision at large, ASAIH has become Romania’s top performing Students’ Entrepreneurial Association. Starting from 2017, ASAIH worked as a catalyst for over 34 teams of student innovators and held two international innovation events. There were 5 teams who got funded and given a beautiful headstart. Now, the first start-ups which emerged from our program are WakeZ and CNEO which are getting closer and closer to the point of releasing their final product and monetizing their ideas. They are the prove that everything is possible, follow their example and Let’s shine the light on innovation! 

Make sure you check out the Alumni section, to see how far some of them got!


ASAIH was initially supported from internal funds of the UMF Cluj-Napoca and over the years our activity was supported by institutional projects funded by both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Research.

Currently ASAIH activity is supported by two grants coordinated by Rector Prof. Dr. Alexandru Irimie

  • Proiectul Instituțional „Dezvoltarea programelor suport pentru initiativele antreprenoriale studentesti in cadrul Universitatii de Medicine si Farmacie „Iuliu Hateganu” ”, cu contractul de finanțare nr. FDI:CNFIS-FDI-2019-066 and

  • Proiectul ,,Creșterea performanțelor cercetării științifice și a transferului tehnologic în medicină translaţională prin formarea unei noi generaţii de tineri cercetători ECHITAS" , cu contractul de finanțare nr. 29PFE/18.10.2018.