ASAIH in 2019

ASAIH Reinvented

2019 started with the plan to rebrand and rethink ASAIH, so that it’s closer to

innovation, closer to the ecosystem and most importantly, closer to you, our most valuable asset - the innovative student. We enlarged our team and spent a good

deal of time on making it look fresh and want-able (who doesn’t love the water bottles?)


Autumn is a season for brainstorming and innovation, so we took the start of the school year by storm, with an intensive bootcamp on grants, research projects, and a preview into the “Ideas for Inventions” competition. We are simply not allowed to detail the barbecues and parties that took place during the bootcamp, but they’re easily findable online. This was fun & science at their best.

The Preacceleration

As pretentious as it may sound, this 3 week intensive program was pivotal in shaping the new generation of student innovators. From business modelling to project management training sessions, and from design to marketing masterclasses, our students were equipped with valuable knowledge towards startup sustainability. 

A quick rundown of the workshops and training sessions


  • Tech in Medtech

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Project Development Cycle

  • Micro & Macro Dissection of a Grant Proposal 

  • Design Masterclass

  • Marketing Masterclass

The competitions

With deadlines closing in, the projects were submitted. While it was a difficult job for our jury, we had a total of six designated winners, 3 startups and 3 research projects, each receiving a 20.000 RON grant to get things started. Startups needed to undergo a new challenge - a pitching competition on top of the written projects. The room was so crammed, we’ll hold next year’s pitching session in a lecture hall (at least).

Meeting the future

... in healthcare innovation. The annual international conference had it all - eccentric humour, in-depth know how from industry leaders, stories and experiences of innovation from alumni and a chance for the winners to show off what they’re up to. 

Closing 2019 in style

While working with people is tough at times, it is the most emotionally rewarding thing. It is, for each of us, one of the reasons we came to this University.

We started off as strangers and almost a year later we are a big and growing family, with beautiful plans. We reached out to other entrepreneurial students’ associations and are looking forward to creating a mature and complete ecosystem for student innovators, with access to knowledge, funding and guidance in a cross-disciplinary setting.

Great things are coming in 2020, and we are honoured to be in this journey together.

© 2019 by Asociația Studențească de Antreprenoriat ”Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca