ASAIH in 2018

Financed from "Cresterea performantelor cercetarii stiintifice si a transferului tehnologic in medicina translationala prin formarea unei noi generatii de tineri cercetatori" (CF nr. 29PFE/18.10.2018) din "Planul national de cercetare-dezvoltare si inovare PNCDI III, Programul 1 - Dezvoltarea sistemului national de cercetare-dezvoltare, subprogramul 1.2 - Performanta institutuionala"

A fresh start

In 2018 we started the year full of energy. We organized an workshop called “Deschide un cabinet cu fonduri nerambursabile” where we presented the steps that one doctor/student should follow in order to access non refundable funds for opening an private cabinet.

Bayer Life & Science Talk

The conference was held by dr. Ovidiu Nicolae, the Head of Medical Representatives Bayer Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova. The main subject of the conference was the relationship between doctors and their patient, how is it affected by dr. Google and how it can be improved regardless of the information that they can find on internet.


Innovative Ideas

In our university, we acknowledge November as the innovation month. Therefore, during this month we continued our tradition of organizing workshops that aim to teach student how to design an innovative concept in and to build a strong business model.


Innovation Design

The aim of the workshop is to teach student how to design an innovative concept, thus bringing it into the business modeling stage and find the right answers to: -How to establish an innovation objective? -What challenges I want to tackle and what is the need I can cover? -What are the gaps that I am trying to fill in? -How do I design my solution and what are the characteristics of an innovative concept?



Business Modeling

Using BMC (Business Model Canvas) you will learn how to transform your innovative concept in a business product that is able to generate profit by answering to a couple of questions: -What is my value proposition that I bring to my target market? -Who are my customers and what are the channels to reach them to bring revenues to my business? -Which is the core activity of my business and what key partners and resources does it need? -What are the costs to produce and deliver my solution?


Innovation Competition

At the end of the workshop session the participants teamed together and applied for “Idei de inventii” competition. It was the perfect time to use the knowledge that they gathered, building a sustainable strategy for brining their ideas to light and change the quality of the healthcare system. And so they did, we had teams like amos (advanced microbiological observation system) who designed a concept for a cheap and reliable way to confirm a bacterial infection. CNEO, they are very close to release their final product, a smart knee pad that will help doctors to guide the recovery of a knee injury from distance. They also won the Innovation Labs competition. Good job guys! We are proud of you!



“Meeting the future in healthcare innovation"

We ended the year with the second edition of “Meeting the future in healthcare” conference. It was a great way to bring people passionate about innovation in healthcare together, growing our community of disruptive thinkers year by year.