ASAIH in 2017

Innovation day

This event was organised in our university to present the intramural research results of the independent research teams from our institution together with the innovative ideas of the most promising students that went through our educational workshops and trainings that took place during the year. 

Also during the day the participants had the chance to attend various workshops on digital health and entrepreneurship.


Meeting the Future in Healthcare Innovation

The first edition of the “Meeting the future in Healthcare Innovation” took place in 2017 as the main event of the first year of our association which was aimed to raise interest in the academic community of Cluj with a series of lectures held by speakers willing to share their experience in entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare. It included:
- latest groundbreaking advances in medical technology
- entrepreneurship in national and international environments
- digital transformation of health and care
are just some of the topics discussed by the innovative thinkers that will try to predict the future of care delivery.

Participants had the chance to: 
LEARN about digital health and its journey towards a patient-centered healthcare system
DISCOVER how entrepreneurs made their way through and how they have achieved success
NETWORK with peers to better understand the perspective, needs and interests of stakeholders in the digital transformation of health and care
JOIN the conversation, share ideas and recruit other partners


London Nov. 28-23

UMF Cluj-Napoca was represented at the GIANT Health Event 2017 in London by a group of 12 innovative students who had the chance to see how innovation is cultured among diverse settings and what is the path from problem identification to idea and all the process towards translating ideas into digital products

Social event

Meet Your Business Partner

One of the first social events which brought together in an informal meeting students, faculty staff, and business investors from Cluj-Napoca in an informal environment to create a cross-fertilisation accross generations and domain. The event was focused on informal networking and the discussions were fruitful and stood as the base for our future collaboration with the academic and private sector.

Innovative Ideas

This was the second edition of the “Innovative ideas” Competition organised by our organisation under the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca coordination. The participants were competing for 3 prizes of 5000 Euro each, seed money for developing a proof of concept to be used to assess future funding. 

Out of the three winners of this edition one start-up is continuing its activity and has become “WakeZ – Hack your sleep” a promising start-up on the Romanian digital healthcare stage.

Copy of IMG_4656.JPG
wakez transpa.png


Our activity started by organising a series of workshops in 2017 starting with an overview over the digital health revolution and innovation that is happening accross the world in health, following by workshops on problem identification and how to design proper products based on the Stanford Bio design model and for the business aspect the participants were thought the basics of developing by using the Business Model Canvas Tool.