Founded in 2017, ASAIH is the entrepreneurship

association that aims to connect students from

"Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy 

with local and international stakeholders, helping them

to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to develop innovation projects and create innovation

based medical business ventures.



A group of like-minded individuals aiming to empower student-driven innovation.

Mihai Albu

Mihai Angheluță

Victor Eșanu

Constantin Gîrlovanu


Melania Născuțiu



Andrei Spunei

Rareș Tonea

Dr. Zaki Milhem

Dr. Bianca Nemeș

Dr. Radu Pîrlog

Prof. Dr. Ioana Neagoe


Our emerging start-ups which evolved from our incubator programs over the last 2 years.

WakeZ is an app for smartphones and mainstream wearables that uses subliminal vibration stimuli to influence brain electric activity and improve sleep. We took sleep tracking, deconstructed it, included a digital intervention, backed by one of the first interventional digital clinical trials and came up with #hackyoursleep. 


CNEO upgrades the medical recovery process, using a combination of software and hardware in order to empower the patient. Every patient becomes free to exercise anywhere in the world, keep track of one's own progress, while still being under medical supervision at all times. We provide a patient management service for clinics as well, and aim to completely change how people go through medical recovery and the way clinics do business.

TODY is a mobile app designed for new parents to help them cope more easily with the day to day challenges.  It provides a digital agenda which helps to document the baby’s daily activities and it is able to offer real, verified medical information with regard to the baby’s health.
We aim to establish a strong community for the new parents, one where they feel safe to ask questions and receive answers, one which gives them a sense of belonging.


Xcite aims to be the first customized cognitive tool on the market, targeting improved cognitive abilities such as memory, problem solving or creative thinking. We are using a safe brain stimulation technology which proved efficient in several studies, including some conducted on American soldiers The headband like device is designed using individual head measurements and electrodes are placed according to the user's needs. A mobile application will help control the device as well as keeping track of stimulation sessions.


Mission Admission is an e-learning platform designed to help students, who aspire to a career in the medical field, prepare for university.

It’s a user-friendly platform, which contains all the necessary information to successfully pass the university admissions exam. Everything from explanatory videos to lectures, sketches and tests are just a click away. Our goal is to make studying accessible and appealing to anybody, no matter the background.

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"Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy

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